I Forgot to Turn Off the Buzz Saw

by magnus26

My routine has settled into one 45 minute morning meditation, often quite early, 4:45, 4:57, etc. The evening-late afternoon has fallen away for the moment. And lately it’s been tough going. For instance, this morning it was just back to the thoughts, back to the thoughts — only the most gross sensations of the abdomen rising and falling. Not until the last fifteen minutes or so, did I get a nice subtle sensation of the breath leaving the nostrils, and stay with it.

Reminds me of something Wallace (B. Alan) said about the mind. The analytical mind is a powerful tool, like a buzz saw. You wouldn’t just leave it on and put it back in your garage, or hang it from the side of your head while still running. When you’re done using it, it’s helpful to quiet it, if not turn it off completely. He said it better. I’ll find the link.

Perhaps this is because the running part of my life has taken over for the moment. Perhaps it’s just the usual ebb and flow. In any case, I need to get an afternoon meditation going again, soon.