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Back, getting back into it.

My trusty meditation timer says I’m up to 33 days in a row. While I think this sort of counting is, um, counterproductive — I believe it also falls under the umbrella of what some folks (i.e. Buddhists) call “skillful means”. In there words, while counting, at least for me, has an acquisitive and obsessive quality — it also does wonders for motivation.

So there it is. I’m meditating again.

I’ve just asked myself to do it every day, no strings attached. So if that’s two minutes a day for a week on, that’s just fine.

And I’ve started to feel a difference. Will check back in a few.


Before Guinness

I’m just getting back on track and very happy to report I decided to sit for 5 minutes before having a Guinness.

Now to enjoy.

Two Days in a Row

October was pretty dismal for meditation. Perhaps I sat twice. That’s the kind of streak that kills habits, but I somehow persuaded myself to sit for 10 minutes yesterday and today. It felt good!

Turning Down the Posterior Cingulate or Blah blah blah

Successfully back to 20 minutes of meditation. It had been 10 minutes for a while. And pretty regularly. I was inspired to add 2 minutes to the length of each of my sessions by the example of one of my “friends” on the insight meditation app.

Also, some interesting research from Judson Brewer re the posterior cingulate and how it’s implicated (and mostly not implicated) in flow states. It seems that turning off the blah blah blah part of the mind is healthy.

And no, that doesn’t mean regressing into a blissful narcissistic cocoon. Worth a look:

46 Days in a Row

Not currently, but not so long ago. Before the summer travel, which is one of the predictable things that gets in the way of practice. Not that it has to, but it does, if not attended to. I’ve been increasing my sits recently, by 2 minute increments. Thus, I am about to sit for 16 minutes. Increasing both consistency and duration. If this were running, that would be risky. But since it’s meditation, it’s just fine.

16 minutes. The mouth creates saliva, the mind creates thoughts. I’m enjoying focusing on posture a little, as also in the running.

Refugees of Mindfulness

Not my title, but a fascinating post re some of the risks of meditation – of interest to anyone new to meditation or introduced via mainstream psychology, MBSR, DBT, ACT, MBCT, etc.


It’s at the Aloha Dharma blog and is well worth a read!

Floss One Tooth

My 10 minutes a day meditation habit fills my mind with some dismissive thoughts, it’s true.

But in the vein of an injunction at Zen Habits, which I thought was brilliant, I am only committing to a minimum while I strengthen my habit. He said, for those trying to take up the habit of flossing, simply commit to flossing one tooth.

May seem trivial, but it’s not likely to be overwhelming, and one tooth may lead to another.

25 Days in a Row

Back in experiential mode, enjoying continuity in my practice at the moment. Often that means just a 10-minute sitting in the morning — lately with a focus on sound as the sensory data. It comes and goes, what is it? As much as I want to deepen this to 20 minutes and longer I am very satisfied just to be practicing regularly.

20 Days in a Row

Been recommitting to my practice, and noticing differences. This practice can be rich.

Here are some interesting links regarding the mindfulness craze – the topic of meditation being co-opted, watered down, McMindfulness…

They are raw links, but they are all very much worth a read. Promise.

Meditation mcmindfulness links

No Days In A Row

I’ve been meditating about once a week lately. Hope to rededicate. Started reading The Mindful Way through Depression which is quite good.