Meditation Los Angeles

Month: May, 2015

Hollywood Sign Selfies

If you ever get the chance to get near the Hollywood sign, near a place called Hollywood Lake Park, which for all intents and purposes is a dog park, you will see an amazing number of people taking selfies. They are from all over the world. They are using DSLRs and GoPros (connected to selfie sticks) and smartphones… There must be hundreds of these photos of people hamming it up with the Hollywood sign as the back drop. Below the dogs run around chasing one another.

Which reminds me (I really did think of it just now). I have not sat to meditate yet today.


Another Mindfulness Blog

Like we really need one? At this blog, here, more personal reflections — almost a journal.

At the other one — media related? — for lack of a better term. In any case it includes more resources, articles and such. It’s impersonal, but not in a bad way.

It’s called LA Eastsider Mindful.

Recent post topics:

  • Kabat Zinn and the explosion of mindfulness in popularity
  • an email meditation course
  • a pdf of mindfulness resources
  • 11 definitions of mindfulness
  • local meditation instruction (Los Feliz neighborhood, Los Angeles)

Back, getting back into it.

My trusty meditation timer says I’m up to 33 days in a row. While I think this sort of counting is, um, counterproductive — I believe it also falls under the umbrella of what some folks (i.e. Buddhists) call “skillful means”. In there words, while counting, at least for me, has an acquisitive and obsessive quality — it also does wonders for motivation.

So there it is. I’m meditating again.

I’ve just asked myself to do it every day, no strings attached. So if that’s two minutes a day for a week on, that’s just fine.

And I’ve started to feel a difference. Will check back in a few.