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Category: Experiential Mode

25 Days in a Row

Back in experiential mode, enjoying continuity in my practice at the moment. Often that means just a 10-minute sitting in the morning — lately with a focus on sound as the sensory data. It comes and goes, what is it? As much as I want to deepen this to 20 minutes and longer I am very satisfied just to be practicing regularly.


Still At It


One of the first successful mindfulness of breathing meditations. 14 days now. The view is as beautiful as ever.

Not Just Yet…

I don’t think I’ve meditated this year. Soon. Obviously it’s not a huge priority. I took a bunch of photos today. And was travelling. Mostly, I’ve been doing the running meditation. I’ll be back. Doing some kind of mindfulness of breathing, no doubt. Feeling very calm about this momentary lapse in meditative practice.