Meditation Los Angeles

Month: January, 2013

Still At It


One of the first successful mindfulness of breathing meditations. 14 days now. The view is as beautiful as ever.


Back in the Saddle

Been having good luck with the Inclusive Awareness meditation I posted here some time ago. Five days in row. Recommended.

Here’s the raw link:

Cosmic Rainbows, Etc.

Man did I fall off that wagon. Last week I had 5 days straight of meditation. Not like hours and hours of meditation, mind you. Just 10 or 15 minutes per day. And now I have two days in a row. I’ll get there.

I really want to re-dedicate myself, resurrect my practice. The purpose? Not just relaxation or contemplation — those are by-products. Enlightenment. Sounds pretty way out, but I think, just maybe, maybe, the problem is in the definition of terms. We’re not talking cosmic rainbows pouring out of my third eye, here.

Not Just Yet…

I don’t think I’ve meditated this year. Soon. Obviously it’s not a huge priority. I took a bunch of photos today. And was travelling. Mostly, I’ve been doing the running meditation. I’ll be back. Doing some kind of mindfulness of breathing, no doubt. Feeling very calm about this momentary lapse in meditative practice.