Rising Tide of Distraction (or Why the Nauseating Prevalence of Mindfulness is Tolerable)

by magnus26

We are all under the assault of a murderous distraction. I almost didn’t write this. I couldn’t focus. I almost couldn’t eat my lunch without surfing the internet at the same time. In fact, I failed. Mindfulness in its various forms has become so Coca-Cola. You know what I mean. While I find that nauseating, I think it’s worth stepping back take the finger out from the back of the throat (“gag me!”) and, maybe, meditate?

Because a little meditation just might actually be a powerful antidote to the instant gratification of internet, iPhone, iPad, iEverything, instant gratification and device absorbed mania that colors our world today. That said, here are a few things we might do to increase our mindfulness:

  1. read fiction
  2. keep a journal
  3. meditate
  4. do something creative that allows you to incorporate a meditative perspective: writing, drawing, photographing
  5. cut out the static – maybe declutter a room or a shelf
  6. practice frugality
  7. read an article in one sitting
  8. get in your body – yoga, running, tennis, whatever