This is a first-person account of a person somewhat new to meditation. Now, I’ve read a lot about meditation, chiefly Buddhist meditation, but up until recently had not done much actual sitting. I read Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind and something about it stuck. I read Dharma Bums and something about it stuck. Then, just recently, six weeks ago, I took to meditation in earnest. I had been surfing the web and found a website I’d visited and been recommended a number of times and noticed they were offering a class in my neighborhood. Previously the classes were on the other side of town, quite inconvenient. Now I could walk there. I’ve been meditating daily since then, and this blog is part of my attempt to stay on track.

Well that staying on track stuff sounds awfully lofty. I fail at this regularly and with gusto. No meditating for weeks, even (gasp) months at a time. But I do tend to return and still believe it’s very worthwhile. In my professional life, I’m a clinical psychologist. Many of the Buddhist concepts mesh quite neatly with recurring themes in psychotherapy. You can read about some of that in my blog, Pasadena Therapist.

Good meditating!