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From the mouth of babes: “You’re on Twitter too much.” That did it for me. I deleted my Twitter and Facebook apps. I deactivated Facebook because it mostly just disgusts me. I can still tweet from the iPad, but it’s not gonna be 24/7. I was waking up with Twitter. I’m obsessive. I can’t have these things!

I downloaded Buddhify 2, also. I quite like it so far. So for 2014, more narrative (both in and out), less distraction. More meditation. Some unplugging involved, but just a cleanse I guess.


Floss One Tooth

My 10 minutes a day meditation habit fills my mind with some dismissive thoughts, it’s true.

But in the vein of an injunction at Zen Habits, which I thought was brilliant, I am only committing to a minimum while I strengthen my habit. He said, for those trying to take up the habit of flossing, simply commit to flossing one tooth.

May seem trivial, but it’s not likely to be overwhelming, and one tooth may lead to another.

Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation, with Commentary


In my click clicking I somehow got on the trail of Alan Wallace, a meditation teacher you’ve probably come across at some point. This meditation, which I just now tried, worked really well for me. It’s done lying down. It’s just a basic introduction to the Shamatha practice, a basic concentration practice that is very useful as a precursor to Vipassana practice, as far as my rudimentary understanding of the useful sequence of practices goes.

It’s interesting how the knowledge and even just the turn of phrase of one meditation instructor can make such a difference in the felt experience of the meditation. I think I’ll be following along with a lot of these. Recommended.

You can find the site here. It’s also on iTunes. There, within the Spring 2012 Shamatha Retreat it’s track #92, but is named “3 Mindfulness of Breathing.” The meditation proper starts at 9:05, and lasts a little over 20 minutes.

It remains amazing to me the wealth of what you can find on the internet!

Insight Timer

I’ve been using this app, Insight Timer by Spotlite Six Software, to time my meditations. Works pretty well. The app allows you to time your meditations, pick different bell sounds (which are quite pleasant — the chime lingers on for quite some time), assign bells at random points or at specified intervals, etc. It’s quite flexible. Of course, for all that it’s not free, but the price is less than a latte, and with a little luck you’ll use it many times. The latte you pay for again and again.

Free meditation timer. 

Pictured above. I quite liked this one, too. And the price is right — it’s free. In the end I wanted a little more flexibility, but if you’re a sucker for simple design, this one’s a delight. I switched because with some of my longer meditations I was going a little nuts wondering how much time was left. So I was wanting to be able to put a bell, say, 10 minutes before the end of the meditation, or what have you.