Back to Sitting

by magnus26

Technically, I’ve not been sitting much. I’ve been doing body scans and yoga meditations. Alternating. But now, in my MBSR class, we are moving back into some sitting meditation, which was a bit difficult. I’m no longer used to the sit. I tried some lovingkindness (though I’ve largely forgotten the words) and some inclusive awareness to pass the time. In the end, the 30 minutes went by without too much discomfort.

Yesterday had a wonderful body scan. I mention it because it informed my sitting meditation today. Thinking about sensation. In MBSR we talk about the triangle of experience — that most experience is made out of three components: thoughts, emotions, sensation. The useful trick of a body scan, in my opinion, is that it gets one focussing on sensation. The same could be said of Mindfulness of the Breath meditation practices as well, I suppose. But there’s something about moving from one body part to another that keeps the restless mind at bay — a new play thing, a new thing to focus on… And then just sensation.

Gives one the chance to bypass, sidestep all that mindless chatter. And emotions.