Many Hours Later – Mindful Listening

by magnus26

Still meditating. Have continued with the MBSR class. About 15 minutes into a meditation where we were focussing on sound someone in the neighborhood began blasting “Eye of the Tiger”, and that’s when I suspected Obama had won the election.

The body meditation is a good place to work from if you’ve had a lot of difficulty concentrating recently, as I have. Because it’s so structured. There’s a good one, here, at InsightLA’s website.

Another great thing in the class was the mindful listening exercise. Since the class has over 25 people, we broke into groups of 5 and introduced ourselves, spoke about how our practice was going. Often I find such exchanges can be tedious, but the added component of having a substantial focus on your body while listening and while speaking, was very interesting. It’s easier, in my experience, to focus on your body sensations while listening — quite a bit more difficult while talking. I suspect this is because we do a lot of social monitoring when we are talking, gauging our audience. Who knows. In any case, I recommend this practice.

You could do it at almost any time, if it occurred to you.