Running Meditation

by magnus26

Though I’ve not posted for quite some time — I continue to meditate daily. Last evening I just started an MBSR class — Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, the secular take on mindfulness meditation as formulated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The class is large and as people introduced themselves I was rather impressed with the level of self-disclosure and variety backgrounds. There are a lot of very stressed out people out there! A lot of suffering.

We progressed to a body-scan meditation and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep almost immediately. My consolation is that I don’t think I snored — which I once did rather loudly at the conclusion of a yoga class many years ago.

In my running, I am focussing on form. So this body-scan meditation feels familiar. I’m awakening to the many facets of running form. That it’s really not just the legs. How the whole body is flexing together in various units and subunits. The shoulders must be relaxed, the arms moving like pistons, forward, but loose. The foot plant, below the hips. The hips pushing forward. The posture erect.

In fact, I treat my easy runs as something of a meditation. Since I’m not bothered about the intensity and pacing so much, I can really focus on form. This has been wonderful. With the body scan — you also bring body consciousness into focus in unexpected ways. The jaws, the throat, the nasal cavity. So you might say I have two practices going at the moment.

I’ll be sharing more about my experience in the MBSR class, soon. My overall impression of the class is favorable, indeed.