The Somewhat Taboo World of Attainments

by magnus26

I was either going to write a really long post about the state of entry-level mindfulness technique, and the vagueness that surrounds such practice, or just a short little post with some links. Short version is these folks aren’t afraid to talk about attainments. Meaning, simply, they meditate more efficiently. And, they might have a map of how to do that — and what it might mean. I know it makes many people uncomfortable to talk about one meditator having reached certain states — or even to be somewhat confused about what that even might mean. It scares people off. It’s like believing that some kung fu masters can fly. Anyway, that was a funny little hybrid of my long post and some short links.

Check out Aloha Dharma. And in his links you’ll find Kenneth Folk Dharma. And if you really want to get immersed, click over to Dharma Underground. All, interesting, non-flaky approaches to meditation that include maps of where you might want to go. When you need more than just “relax into the breath”.