Confused About All Those Different Mindfulness Practices?

by magnus26

If you’re like me and occasionally confused by all the different meditation practices and how they fit together, I’ve got a book for you. It’s limited to the Buddhist practices, though, so if you’re into Vedic meditation or TM or Sufi dancing then you’re out of luck, I’m afraid.

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram does a nice job of parsing out the different practices and how they fit together, support one another. Full disclosure, I haven’t actually finished reading the book, but it seems pretty solid to me. It also includes a warning, which I found somewhat amusing, but I suppose the tone is not for everyone.

You can see customer reviews of the book and product information at Amazon, here. The kindle version of the book is quite a bit more cheaper than the paperback (about $13 v. $30), but if you’re not ready to spring for this the book is on the web in wiki format, here, completely free of charge, which is how I’m reading it.

Check it out.