The Meditation Habit — Some Quantification

by magnus26


Sure, keeping statistics of your meditations is probably one of the least meditative, grasping things you could do — on the other hand it’s motivating, so from that perspective I view it as a skillful thing to do. This particular page from my Insight app doesn’t include my favorite statistic, 77 consecutive days meditating. I believe I’m well into the habit formed zone, but I continue to track. I put taking up meditation, though still relatively new to it, up there with taking up running in regards to benefits. I wouldn’t call it fitness for the mind, but certainly it adds some balance.

Have been enjoying practicing the “inclusive awareness” meditation that I posted last time, as well as improvising my own version. Again, I recommend that meditation wholeheartedly.

Well, I have no cosmic navel gazing to add to that.