A Path With Heart

by magnus26


I was co-reading a few books. For a while the Pico Iyer book on the Dalai Book held my interest, but this one won out in the end. Natalie Goldberg’s The Great Failure dropped out early, though when I pick it up again may well supersede the Iyer book, which is a little, okay. But this Kornfield book, wow. I had dismissed it a number of times as a new age, bedside table Buddhist affair. But it is far from it. This is one of the best books on (mostly) Buddhist meditative practice. It runs rather deep for a primer, but never gets too exhaustive. It manages to be readable and comprehensive at the same time, and very practical. I could hardly recommend it more highly. I recently read its recommendation by a very critical author, the writer that produced Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book, Daniel Ingram. And I have to agree, it reads so nice you don’t realize quite how hard hitting it is.

Did I say recommended?