The White Face of Buddhism

by magnus26

Was looking for some commentary on Buddhist Geeks and found a few things. First, from Open Buddha who noted the glaring lack of minorities — which will recur in this post — and the subtext that “The boomers are aging and will gradually be leaving us. What will be being doing with their legacy now that the Dharma is established?” and noted Ken McLeod’s observation:

Ken McLeod, a wonderful teacher, also spoke to the fact that nothing else likes this conference exists. In fact, outside of a few well known Buddhist sects or churches having internal conferences, I cannot think of any other Buddhist conferences held in America that are focused on practitioners. This means that Buddhist Geeks serves a rather unique role as a conference and one that we’ve needed for at least the last 15 years according to Ken.

But getting back to that lack of minorities. Open Buddha also points to a very interesting blog called Angry Asian Buddhist, who tackles the issue of the lack of diversity in American Buddhism. Will be returning to that one. Glad to have found it. In fact, it’s so interesting to find something that’s not about

Buddhism in the American mainstream unpreoccupied with neophytic meditators or scholarly navel gazers.

Ouch. Let’s just call this whole post Angry Asian Buddhist, and leave it at that. I feel like I’ve found a motherlode of great blogging — a related site: Dharma Folk. Happy surfing! (Navel gazing to recommence, shortly.)