Dogged Chaos

by magnus26

Up early and commenced to sit at 4:21 a.m. for 30 minutes. The conditions that lead to insomnia and jet lag are not conducive to a calm, focused meditation, me thinks. What arises is just a field of determined, dogged chaos. So that was the focus of the meditation — the mind is not still. The mind is creative and plan oriented, but it has a hard time focusing on the breath. This reminds me of, years ago when I did a little yoga and the teachers would talk about “the body”. It always struck me as a little odd, this third-person approach to the body. But it makes sense to me now. They were simply disidentifying with the body. Holding it at arm’s length, so to speak. We are not the body. (But we are.) And we are not our crazy busy thoughts, either.

I think today, perhaps yesterday or tomorrow, the Buddhist Geeks conference starts up. For myself, I’m probably more geek than Buddhist, but certainly they discuss many topics related to meditation, with frequent nods to neurobiology, science, research, etc. If you’re interested in such things it’s well worth checking out. There still may be time to register for watching parts of the conference live.


I’m appending registration link and info here, from an email I received, in the “PS” section at end:

Thank you for registering for the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2012 live streaming access.

This three-day live video event will start at 9 pm Eastern Time on August 9, 2012 (1 am GMT August 10, 2012). Please bookmark the link below to join the event once it starts. You can also sign in on this page to view the archived streaming content, available by 7 pm Eastern Time (GMT –4), within two business days after the event’s conclusion.

We look forward to sharing this conference with you.


Your friends at Sounds True

PS—If you’d like to let your friends know about this event, forward this email so they can register via the link below.