Location, Location, Location

by magnus26

Though I’ve employed some small measure of creativity in finding times and places for meditating, with six people in the house 4 out of 5 meditations has been interrupted — perhaps my favorite was the knock at the door by a tow-truck operator who was at the wrong address. I’ve not found a spot that I really like, there’s always that sense of momentary disruption in the wings, but I have found a couple that are adequate. Just after the jet lag faded into the background I caught a cold, so I have been also breathing mostly through the mouth, while meditating, and that’s different, too.

Still I have managed to sit every day. I’m trying to just be mindful of these difficulties, rather than get too bent out of shape or disheartened. I am looking forward to some nice, long sits when I get back to Los Angeles, though.