Sigh, Another Idea Guy

by magnus26

Well, I am syncing a podcast at this very moment. Sharon Salzberg doing a guided meditation, lovingkindness. I found it at the IMS website, at their resources page. The sound is not great, but hey, it’s free. I hope to get at least one listen in during the travel. And of course, this thing.

I really enjoyed Batchelor’s Buddhism Without Beliefs, so fairly confident I’ll find something nutritious in this book, his most recent, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist. And, yeah, he’s another idea man. What can I say? To some extent these are my people! In the meantime, I’m really enjoying Salzberg’s Faith — when she’s on she’s really on.

Earlier today got overwhelmed. Car trouble, even in the controlled environment of the auto shop, is trouble nonetheless. It’s not quite up there with, say, legal trouble. But it will stand in, in a pinch. Look forward to a time when I have the presence of mind to just meditate on that for a moment, in the moment. The nature of the overwhelm. Examine the experience. The idea guys aren’t much help at times like that.

According to my meditation timer, I’ve logged around 30 hours of meditation. On the one hand, I’m quite happy about this. On the other hand, it’s a big shrug, really. Counting things can be so inane, but it is motivating. And motivation is paramount at the moment.