Setting Aside the Idea Men

by magnus26

The books have been coming up from the basement in a flurry, but I’m setting most of them on a waiting shelf until my mind settles a bit. The clever guys, I’m putting them on hold. The idea men. Krishnamurti. Ken Wilber. Absolutely brilliant, but not the right stuff just now. One of them just skewered me with a something he said, about addiction to ideas. Ideas can be a flight, avoidance. For now I found a Sharon Salzberg title, Faith. I do tend to shy away from her stuff, for various reasons, so time to dive in. The writing is compelling. It feels like a good antidote to the heady stuff.

Had an unusual meditation at 2:30 a.m. the other night when I could not sleep. The breathe was unusually deep and satisfying. It’s often quite shallow in the morning after sleep. I continue to meditate about 40 minutes daily. Looking to find a good guided lovingkindness meditation, for free, on the web.