Settling Down

by magnus26

There was a pleasant fog hanging over Los Angeles this morning when I started. It’s just burning off now.

Thinking the possibility of being interrupted was high, I meditated in four 15-minute blocks. That seemed to work well. Is the meditation over if you reach over and re-set a timer? I don’t think so. These aren’t ordeals after all. I did manage to make it through four entire 15-minute blocks before kids started stirring. We had a sleep over.

The mind was very busy this morning. I was even thinking it might be helpful to run through a checklist before I sit down to meditate. But that would probably just fan the flames. Just sit, before anything else, while the mind is fresh. That’s what I’ve read and heard in many places. I have never heard, “do your checklist first thing in the morning — it will clear your mind — then sit down to meditate.” Never.

1 hour, in 15-minute blocks.