Insight Timer

by magnus26

I’ve been using this app, Insight Timer by Spotlite Six Software, to time my meditations. Works pretty well. The app allows you to time your meditations, pick different bell sounds (which are quite pleasant — the chime lingers on for quite some time), assign bells at random points or at specified intervals, etc. It’s quite flexible. Of course, for all that it’s not free, but the price is less than a latte, and with a little luck you’ll use it many times. The latte you pay for again and again.

Free meditation timer. 

Pictured above. I quite liked this one, too. And the price is right — it’s free. In the end I wanted a little more flexibility, but if you’re a sucker for simple design, this one’s a delight. I switched because with some of my longer meditations I was going a little nuts wondering how much time was left. So I was wanting to be able to put a bell, say, 10 minutes before the end of the meditation, or what have you.